Church Leadership Election Slate 2024

On Sunday, May 5 members will be asked to select four of the following names to serve on our leadership board for a two year term. Elections will take place in the Covered Foyer and will begin at 10:00am, and then again for 20 minutes after the close of our Sunday Worship Gathering.

We are electing 4 individuals who will serve two-year terms. Those who are elected will join 4 others who are currently serving terms that expire in 2025.
Those individuals are; Curtis Tuner, Carri Uram, Brad Wallace, and Stephanie Ward.

Please take time to review and prayer over the names willing to serve. 

Ron Carlson

Ron is married to Cathy and together they have 3 adults kids who were all raised here at GFN Church. Ron currently served on our leadership board and has served as our church treasurer for over 30 years. 

Jeremy Davis

Jeremy is married to Erica and they have 3 boys; Graydon, Carson and Matthew. Together Jeremy and Erica lead our "Greer Gathering" small group.

What do you love about GFN Church?

GFN Church is family. When you are here, you are home. The people are genuine, they care. They are active and are involved in the community.  They want to reach those around them for Christ and I just love their approach. My wife, kids, and I enjoy being a part of this church and look forward to opportunities to serve. This is our home.

Paula Endicott

Paula Jo is married to Earl and they have two adult children, Mary Marie and Sunni, who all attend and are involved in serving at GFN Church. Paula Jo currently coaches our teen bible quiz team, has previously served on the board as an elected member as the NYI (Nazarene Youth International) President. 

What do you love about GFN Church?

The mission, history, and friendliness - All the ministries 

Amy Fentress

Amy is married to Tom and they have attended GFN Church for over 20 years, where they raised their family. Active in the "5FEN" Life Group, you can find Amy serving on our guest services team or with GFN Kids.

What do you love about GFN Church?

GFN church is my family. So grateful that we always put God and his words first in everything we do.

Dan Middleton

Dan is married to Heather and together they have 3 children; Carter, Aubrey, and Tyler. Dan is currently serving as the church board secretary and is active in his life group.

What do you love about GFN Church?

What I love most about GFN Church is the feeling of family & community.  We are a close knit group of believers who are on mission to help lead others to Christ.

Jennifer Sayegh

Jennifer is married to Joe and they 4 adult children which were raised here at GFN Church. Jennifer has been a member of the church board the last two years, is active in the 5FEN small group and can be found serving in many of our hospitality related ministries. 

What do you love about GFN Church?

It feels like home; Family atmosphere;  Amazing, humble, personable, servant-hearted staff; Bible-based preaching; Community service… and so much more! 

Meghan Shroy

Meghan is married to Matt and together they have one son, Dylan. Meghan grew up here at GFN Church and has previously served on the leadership board. Meghan is active in the New Beginnings Life Group, the Wednesday Ladies Bible Study and serves on our greeter team.

What do you love about GFN Church?

I love the way our church intentionally cultivates community, both inside and outside the walls of the church building.  The thing I hear the most from visitors is how warm and included they feel by our congregants, and how that keeps them wanting to attend.  I love being apart of church that makes people feel that way, and through that feeling, spreads the word of Christ to those who may not know Him.

Austin Ward

Austin grew up attending GFN Church with his family. He is currently a member of our CARE Team and is a leader in our UNIFY Young Adult small group. You can always find Austin willing and ready to serve at any outreach event. 

Nazarene Missions International

This year the 2024-2025 committee on nominations is asking the church to "affirm" with a vote of "yes or no" the position of NMI President. NMI is what we call an "essential ministry' In the Church of the Nazarene and it's primary role is to keep the church motivated and aware of our missional responsibility, not only around the globe, but also here in a our community as well. A leader of an "essential ministry" or ministry department is an "ex-officio" member of the leadership board. 

Nichole Wallace - NMI President 

Nichole is married to Brad and together they have two daughters; Grace and Addison. Nichole serves on our worship team, is active in her small group and serves with several of our community initiatives like Upward Soccer and Lake Forest Elementary.

What do you love about GFN Church?

The openness to the stirring of the Holy Spirit I sense moving among the people to become more deeply devoted to Kingdom work than ever before. It feels like we’re asking, seeking and knocking like I’ve not felt before. I’m so encouraged and excited to be part of a church that is seeking God’s call.

Delegates to the South Carolina District Assembly

Each year the SC District gathers to celebrate how The Lord has led our churches across South Carolina, and also to be challenged for the year ahead. We are asking that the church vote "Yes" to allow Pastor David to nominate and the church board confirm our delegates for District Assembly which takes place on Sunday, July 14 and Monday, July 15, 2024 (This is in line with Manual Paragraph 113.14)